About Us

Aqua Thermae represent SwimEx professional sports fitness and medical recovery pools and plunge tanks in the United Kingdom, Ireland and across Europe. Designed for sports peak fitness, physiotherapy and medical recovery in professional football, rugby and NFL American football. We support, Reading FC, Stoke City FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC hydrotherapy and fitness suite.

We are a business partner and supporter for Football Medical and Performance Association FMPA, who support the practice of medicine, performance and allied professions associated with (professional) football. They also create an environment where all facets of player care and performance are delivered to the very highest standards.

We are also proud to work with the British Ministry of Defence, Help for Heroes recovery centres and assisted living communities. 

Aqua Thermae provide swimming and hydrotherapy pool and wellness technical support services for new project installation or refurbishment and redesign of an existing pool plant, filtration and water management to update the facilities and ensure compliant with current industry guidance. Such as Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG). We embrace and design in new technologies and equipment to deliver state of the art plant rooms which deliver pristine safe water for bathers, whilst ensuring the equipment is user friendly and simple to operate. 

New technologies include; professional water treatment with advanced catalytic U.V., Chlorine and pH control all managed via our remote internet monitoring and technical assistance.

Activated filter medias (AFM®) with improved bio-resistance screening water down to four microns, reduction of chlorine odours, saving backwash water and running costs. 

Two prestigious projects include the installation of a commercial swimming pool salt chlorination plant on the 25m pool at the British High Commission enclave in Islamabad Pakistan and the installation of an internet monitored water treatment plant at the American School in Doha, Qatar.

Leisure water Health & Safety consulting, risk management and design specification are also part of our servicing, both off plan and on site surveying. In addition to expert witness services on water parks and holiday resorts for companies like TUI and previously Thomson holidays, working across Europe, Turkey and Egypt.

Please see the gallery for past projects.